Woood Krzesło Jelle Velvet Czarne 375466Z 2Szt 1699 PLN

Woood Krzesło Jelle Velvet Czarne 375466Z 2Szt 1699 PLN

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The contemporary WOOOD (set of 2) dining chair Jelle has a unique formed seat part! This chair is not only a beautiful item, but has a really good sit as well. The sizes are (hxwxd) 80x60x57 cm. The seat height is 49 cm, the seat depth is 45 cm and the seat width is 42 cm. The comfortable armrests are an extra plus for this dining chair. The Jelle dining chair is furnished with a velvet soft fabric in the color black. With its nice form and the black metal legs, this chair is an addition to your interior.This product only requires assembling of the legs.Tip in case of hard floors: Place floor protectors under the legs. This avoids damage to hard floors.Vacuum cleaning prevents dirt particles from causing wear and discoloration. Verify in advance that the nozzle is intended for furniture. Treat with care and when ironing the fabrics always iron in the direction of the nap.Did you spill a liquid? Pat the substance with a tissue or clean tea towel: do not rub! Most beverages can be removed using lukewarm water and, if you wish, dry the stain using a hair dryer. Not available for the UK. This article is not Fire Retardant

Brand: Woood

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